Alessandro Bernardi Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Alessandro Bernardi is Full Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Ferrara and former Coordinator of the Ph.D. programme in “European Union Law and national legal systems” at the same University (2013-2016). He is author of many academic publications, co-director of the collection “Quaderni di diritto comparato, internazionale ed europeo” (Giuffrè) and corrispondant étranger of “Revue pénitentiaire et de droit pénal” and “Revue de science criminelle et de droit pénal comparé”. He took part in various international research projects, among which the Grotius Programmes entitled “Judicial cooperation, seizure and confiscation” and “Harmonization of criminal sanctions in Europe”, the international research group named “Les chemins de l’harmonisation” and the “European Arrest Warrant Project”. He was Visiting Professor at several Universities, Coordinator of the Joined (Italy-France) Research School in “Comparazione penale e diritto europeo” (2005-2010) and of the international Ph.D. programme in “European integration and Criminal law” (2006-2010). He was part of the Specialist Committee of the Ministry of Justice appointed to pass the legislative decrees on decriminalization (d.lgs. n. 507/1999) and on the criminal competence of the office of “Giudice di pace” (d.lgs. n. 274/2000). He has coordinated the international research projects “Prison Overcrowding and Alternatives to Detention” (2014-2016), co-financed by the EU Commission in the framework of the program JUSTPEN 2013 and “Relationships between the national judicial authorities and the investigative agencies in the view of the EPPO: operational models and best practices in fight against EU frauds”, co-financed by OLAF, in the framework of the Program Hercule III – Legal Training and Studies.