Wouter de Zanger Universiteit Utrecht

Mr. dr. W.S. (Wouter) de Zanger teaches criminal law and criminal procedural law at Utrecht University. He has conducted his PhD research on the subject of asset recovery and the execution of confiscation measures (‘ontnemingsmaatregelen’) in the Netherlands. This research was supervised by professor François Kristen and professor Michiel Luchtman. He has defended his PhD thesis on 1 June 2018.

Wouter works at the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology and he is attached to the Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law. He has published several academic paperson (e.g.) the confiscation of illegal assets.

Prior to starting his PhD research on asset recovery, Wouter has spent six months conducting research into positive obligations imposed by the European Court of Human Rights and their influence on Dutch liability law and criminal law. In 2015, he worked for the research committee that assessed the out-of-court confiscation settlement between former public prosecutor (and later Secretary of State) Fred Teeven and drug dealer Cees H, a case that was widely discussed in Dutch news.